Protect your Trademark!

One of the best ways to protect your trademark is to choose trademarks that can be protected. What does that mean?  Choose a trademark that is unique and distinctive, not one that is descriptive of your products and services.  Often, I am challenged by clients who insist they want to register trademarks that describe what they do. They read on the Internet and listen to marketers who tell them to choose an easy to remember trademark that describes their products.  This inaccurate messaging is the bane of a competent trademark lawyer’s existence.
A trademark that is descriptive is considered weak, even if you get it registered. Also, why would you want a mark that everyone uses in casual conversation, e.g., the Training Company for organizations that provide training services, or the The Realtor for a real estate company. Even if it could be registered, you’d be constantly fighting to protect what few rights you have. The best way is to make one up – be original and creative!
When counseling my clients, the best way for them to accomplish securing a strong mark is to make up a word and then market it to the hilt. The key is to secure a trademark that is uniquely yours. Examples of strong trademarks: Apple for computer and tech products, Google for search engines, Nike for athletic products, Microsoft for computer products, etc.
Protect your trademarks, starting with selecting a mark that can be protected. I am Attorney Francine Ward looking out for you! Facebook Law Page. Twitter Law Page.

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