A 1989 Georgetown University Law Center graduate, Francine D. Ward has been practicing law since January 14, 1991. She is an intellectual property, estate planning, will and trust attorney admitted to practice in California, New York, and the District of Columbia. In addition, she is Of Counsel at Monty White LLP in San Rafael, CA. Ward is a respected professional known for helping clients resolve problems.

Francine’s Intellectual Property practice focuses on helping clients protect their a) valuable creative content through copyright protection; b) distinctive designs, logos, words, phrases, and other source identifiers through trademark protection, and c) books and other licensed work through carefully negotiated publishing and licensing agreements.

Francine’s estate planning / wills and trust practice focuses on helping clients protect all of their assets. She does this by making sure their estate plans are comprehensive and address all important questions regarding their trustees, executors, beneficiaries, trust funding, probate, trust administration, and so much more.

Francine Ward views her life through a holistic lens. She’s not just a lawyer, she is an active participant in the world she lives in. Involved in her church community, her support community, and her legal community. Finally, not having enough to do, she is an adjunct professor at the California Desert Trial Academy of Law in Indio, California, where she teaches intellectual property and contract drafting.


Francine D. Ward is the author of a life-changing book entitled, Esteemable Acts – 10 Actions for Building Real Self-Esteem. This is a must read for anyone ready for a better life. Based on the principals that led to Francine’s own remarkable recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, and low self-esteem.While many think self esteem is all about having the right job, the right boyfriend (or girlfriend), or living in the right neighborhood, Francine demonstrates how self esteem is all about how you behave. She says, “Believe it or not, your behavior determines your feelings about YOU!”

Francine knows how to turn around the struggle with low self-esteem – not with drugs or other chemicals – but with consistent, small, manageable, daily actions she calls esteemable acts.

When you read Esteemable Acts you will learn how to break down big, scary actions into small doable steps so you can build your self-esteem and live the life of your dreams! Hardcover Edition.


An u the years have passed, Francine’s look has changed, her thinking has changed, and her life condition has changed. What has not changed is her powerful message of hope. Her ability to dig deep into our souls and have us relate—regardless of who we are—is a testament to the power of her honesty and authenticity. As a young woman, her riveting rags to riches story inspired us. Now as a mature woman who has experienced many of life’s challenges, her story is more compelling. In her own words, Francine says:

At 18, I thought I was invincible.
Yet at 25, I didn’t think I’d live to see 26.
By the time I turned 30, I was in the middle of a significant life change.
Then by 40, I was living my dream.
At 50, I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt. 50 rocked!
Then I hit 60 and I felt my life was over. I cried for days and weeks at the thought of being old. I was probably watching way too may television shows, where 60-year-old people were in rocking chairs.
By 61, I started to appreciate the gift of a long life.
Now at 71, I am living and loving every fabulous moment of it.

Life is not a destination, it’s a journey. The power of the journey depends on our attitude. The true test of a successful person is their willingness to weather life’s “inevitable” storms. Everyone has their turn in the barrel. Aging is one of life’s storms. Loss is one of life’s storms. An unexpected experience, like a pandemic, is a life storm. If we are lucky, we GET to experience all with room to spare. I speak from experience.

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