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“I hired Francine Ward to provide me with legal advice, trademark assistance, and to help me develop contract documents during my business startup. She is a pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable, responsive, and client-focused. I highly recommend her to other entrepreneurs who are looking for legal support for IP, contracts, and general business matters.”



“Francine has filed and managed all of my trademarks for over 10 years and she has gone out of her way to make sure my intellectual property is protected. We had one very difficult infringement situation that Francine advised on, resulting in a satisfactory resolution while avoiding the expense of court. Francine cares about her clients and is always looking to protect our interests. She is highly professional, prompt, prepared and her knowledge of intellectual property law is deep. She listens and gives you her full attention and has given me excellent legal support over the years!”

Kendall S.


“I was leery about a contract a publisher asked me to sign, but I wanted to sell my piece. I yearned for the by-line and all the future potential that came with it. Getting my writing published has been a long, brutal process, and I didn’t want to blow my big chance. But the contract required me to forfeit all my rights, in perpetuity, and I knew in my gut I would regret it if I signed this contract.

Then I attended one of Francine Ward’s seminars and got her input. “Publishers want your work because they can make money on it. They’re business people,” she reminded me, “and sometimes their objectives collide with yours.” I heard the authenticity, wisdom, and heartfelt earnestness in her tone. At that moment, I needed to hear those words, especially from a person whose authority on the subject I could respect and trust.

Carefully applying the thoughtful advice in Ms. Ward’s presentation, I crafted a new agreement, one in which the rights to my story reverted back to me after a reasonable period of time. The publisher signed it.

I got my price. I got my terms. And my relationship with the publisher has never been better. Thank you, Francine.”

Nancy B.


“I had a very positive experience working with Francine. I needed advice on a book idea I had, and she designed a Waiver and Release form for me. Her work was thorough, timely, and exactly what I needed. I look forward to working with Francine in the future.”

Lisa H.


As a person with intellectual property, Francine Ward has made sure I had reg marks in additional categories so that I am protected. She had to deal with a recalcitrant infringer who (mistakenly) thought she could throw around the name of a big firm as proof she could use my reg mark. Francine quickly and brilliantly shredded the infringers defense. Francine also educated me as to how to initially address infringers so we avoid costly court procedures. “It’s always better to start on a note of information ie: I’m sure you didn’t know USPTO awarded How To Work A Room for my exclusive use and that you wouldn’t want to infringe on my reg mark.” BRILLIANT legal advice from Francine Ward.”

Susan R.


“Francine did a great job helping me with TOU and privacy policy. She gave me lots of time, did more than was asked of her and educated me about what I needed to do. Which I had no understanding of. She cared that what needed to happen would. There was one glitch where she didn’t know something specific to my situation but she was willing to hear about it and learn what needed to happen. Overall a great help.”

Shiriko S.


“It was time, at long last, to put together a living trust.  Soliciting a trusted friend, I had the good fortune to be given Francine’s name. I’m pleased to share of what became our very professional, deliberative, and always positive experience. Of particular appreciation was her gentle guidance, ensuring a detailed, tailored finished product.
Bottom line; very professional, personally pleasant engagements, and absolutely pain free.
Sidebar: high praise indeed from someone who once had a t-shirt printed that said … “kill all lawyers”.”

John R.


“I have been working with Francine since 2017 and she is an absolute professional who knows her trade very well. She assisted with obtaining a Registered Trademark for my financial planning process and continues to monitor it for me during the renewal process. In addition, she recently assisted in another Registered mark pertaining to my customized retirement planning as well. She is extremely qualified, easy to work with, very organized, and I am extremely happy I was referred to her by another colleague. I highly recommend Francine without hesitation!”

Dan H.


“Francine Ward’s book Esteemable Acts is one of my faves, so the opportunity to join her classes on publishing, social media and copyright how-to was a treat.  I learned what I needed to know to further my writing career and  more importantly was inspired. Thank you!”

Mary E.


“The first time I me Francine Ward, her beauty and presence as a person really stood out.  She is a confident and a very likable woman with I must say elegant beauty.  I later found out that beauty was as much inside also.  Working with Francine was an absolute joy.  She was alway on time, always extremely well prepared, and in tune with what my needs were.  As an attorney, I couldn’t have found a more loving, spiritual, and intelligent attorney.  I recommend Francine very highly.”

David Y.


“Francine Ward is a wonderful business and intellectual property attorney.  She provides the best assistance if you need work on copyrights or trademarks. I love working with her and am always impressed with her mastery of technology and the law. I would recommend her to anyone else who needs to protect their intellectual property.  She is also a great public speaker and inspiring writer.”

Barbara M.

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