It’s Spring – Move Your Body!
It’s finally springtime! And although it may sound like a cliché, spring is the season for renewal. So what better time than now to start renewing your commitment to your physical body – the only body you’ll ever have.

Not only does physical activity – movement – keep us in good shape, aid in the digestive process, increase energy levels, and help us look better, but it also helps keep depression in check and clears the mind.
For all the benefits, however, many of us don’t exercise – and the reasons/excuses are many. Here are just a few taken from my book, 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living:

  • It will take up too much time.
  • It will cost too much.
  • It will be too complicated.
  • It will require too much effort and energy.

And there are many, many more that we can think of.
So how do we get past the obstacles to moving our body?
Here are some suggestions:

  1. Create an intention to move daily. It all begins with a thought and desire to take action.
  2. Plan and schedule your actions in advance. Sunday is a good time to plan for the entire week.
  3. Keep it interesting by alternating your activity. This can also help to keep it fun, however, we can’t always have fun, so even if you don’t feel like doing it – do it anyway. This is an esteemable act!
  4. Small actions every day are the key. Baby steps lead to success over the long haul.
  5. Celebrate every action you take. Always applaud yourself for any action, regardless of how small.
  6. Invite a friend to join you. Sometimes exercise goes better with friends. It helps you stay accountable and committed.
  7. Listen to music or watch television. It makes the time seem to go faster and you don’t have an excuse when the weather is bad.
  8. Honor your agreement with yourself. There are always valid excuses for not going to the gym, running five miles, or playing volleyball, but there is no excuse for not moving your body.

Make moving your body and staying healthy one of your priorities in life. Once you get past the initial obstacles, physical and mental, it becomes easier and easier to keep your body moving. So walk right through all the excuses and fears, and Spring into action today!
I’m Francine Ward, Attorney, Coach, Lecturer, Author and courageous woman opening up the conversation for your thoughts. Join me on my  Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or in a LinkedIn group.

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