Esteemable-ActsFrancine D. Ward is the author of a life-changing book entitled, Esteemable Acts – 10 Actions for Building Real Self-Esteem. This is a must read for anyone ready for a better life. Based on the principals that led to Francine’s own remarkable recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, and low self-esteem.While many think self esteem is all about having the right job, the right boyfriend (or girlfriend), or living in the right neighborhood, Francine demonstrates how self esteem is all about how you behave. She says, “Believe it or not, your behavior determines your feelings about YOU!”

Francine knows how to turn around the struggle with low self-esteem – not with drugs or other chemicals – but with consistent, small, manageable, daily actions she calls esteemable acts.

When you read Esteemable Acts you will learn how to break down big, scary actions into small doable steps so you can build your self-esteem and live the life of your dreams! Hardcover Edition. Price: $15.

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Praise for Esteemable Acts

“Francine Ward’s life is a testament to the fact that the most important thing we can do is to love ourselves and be fully authentic; only then can miracles happen. This book contains the keys to creating a life of success, fulfillment and joy.”- Jack Canfield, Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and co-founder of the National Associate for Self-Esteem

“Francine Ward is fearless! Her Esteemable Acts confronts head-on the anxieties and roadblocks that keep you from leaving your dreams and improving your life, and takes you step-by-step through fear to self-fulfillment. At once practical and inspirational, her book makes you believe you can be as courageous as she is.”- David A. Fryxell, Editor-in-Chief, Writer’s Digest

“Francine Ward’s ten provable actions awaken the inherent, fear-crumbling abilities alive within each one us, inspiring us to become our own best creation through establishing a practice that develops authentic self-esteem and limitless transformation.” – Michael Beckwith, D.D., author of 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast

“Francine Ward is a walking/talking role model of a confident woman who shows through her everyday esteemable actions that it’s never too late to become the person we want to be. Her book is full of practical suggestions that have the power to change our lives for the better, if we’ll just put them into practice. An inspiring resource from someone who’s been there, done this. Read it and reap.” – Sam Horn, author of Tongue Fu! and What’s Holding You Back?

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The Esteemable Acts Collection includes:

EA Collection

  • Esteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Self Esteem (hardcover)
  • Esteemable Acts Workbook
  • 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living (softcover)

Price: $35.00.

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52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living


  • Do you sometimes feel everyone around you has been given break, except you?
  • Do you hate your job, long for a new and different career?
  • Are you unhappy with your weight, your attitude, your old ideas?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then, 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living is for you.

52 Weeks provides you with tools that are easy to understand and simple to follow, broken into small, manageable, baby steps, because the author knows that success is about taking small, consistent actions every day to reach your desired goal – Esteemable Actions.

Price: $10.00

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Esteemable Acts Workbook Study Guide


This Workbook Study Guide is the perfect companion to Esteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Self Esteem, and a great addition to your Esteemable Acts library. It is designed for either individual use, or as a tool when working with groups of people.

In this book you’ll find:

Checklists – Questions – Resources – Affirmations – And lots more!

All designed to get you off the couch and into your life through targeted, affirmative actions.
Price: $10.00.

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Esteemable Acts Jumbo Mug

Jumbo Mug

This Jumbo Mug is the perfect drinking vessel, and is large enough to serve soup, cereal, or rice. For those, like me, who like to eat and drink out of a LARGE cup or bowl, this is a great gift for yourself or others.

Price: $10.00.

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