Wendy Williams Show. Terry O’Quinn. I Love You.

In a recent interview on the Wendy Williams Show, Terry O’Quinn of Lost and 666 Park Avenue fame (and an upcoming new show Gang Related) made a statement that compelled me to write this post. He said,
“At least once a day, we should have someone say to us, I love you.” He continued,
“We should never go a day without hearing the words, I love you.”
Self-esteem comes from doing Esteemable Acts, and it’s an Esteemable Act to tell someone you love them.

I love You. Self esteem.

I thought to myself, OMG, how awesome. How sweet it would be to have someone say genuinely that they love me every single day. Then in my next breathe I thought, but I do. Richard tells me every day how much he loves me. And, since I believe love is really an action word, not a static noun, I also know that Mango and Kiwi show me every day how much they care. Sleeping with me, letting me pet them, rubbing their bodies against my face, letting me take pictures of them, keeping me company when I feel sad, looking me in the face with a sweet meow, and purring whenever I touch them. Those are just little ways they say to me, “Mom, I love you.”

Esteemable Acts.

Because of Terry O’Quinn’s statement, I took my thinking one step further and asked myself, who did I say I loved today? So after I post this blog entry, I will let 10 people that I truly love know that I truly love them. What about you? Have you heard I love you today? Did it come from their heart? Have you told someone that you love them, and been truthful about it?
Who can you say I love you to today and really mean it? I invite you to call email, text, or communicate in any way you desire how much you love someone. I challenge you to find 5 people and do it.
Let me hear your thoughts? Share them on my Esteemable Acts Facebook Page, my Esteemable acts Twitter Page or in one of my LinkedIn Groups. For now, I am Francine Ward doing my part to create a better world—just for today.

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