Oftentimes I hear small business owners and entrepreneurs say they don’t have time to read, because they have so many other commitments to tend to. I personally believe that’s a mistake. Tending to our craft is akin to watering our garden. And, I believe a mind is a terrible thing to waste. With so many cool technological options for consuming information, we have choices.
Recently I was asked, what magazines, newspapers, programming, and other information sources do I use to support my business and my mind? I personally read a variety of periodicals for my professional & personal development needs, which include legal, business, and coaching. The following are among what I find most useful each month:
1. An assortment of legal periodicals, books, and websites to stay on top of my craft as an IP business lawyer;
2. Non-legal include: Fortune, FORBES, PINK, Executive Summaries, CHOICE, & SPEAKER;
3. Relevant Webinars & Telecourses;
4. GOOGLE Alerts and blogs on a daily basis for topical information;
5. Crossword Puzzle books to keep my mind sharp and alert;
6. O-Magazine, MORE, and Real Simple for my personal development.
You might be thinking, “My God, when does she have time to work?” My answer to that is when I’m tending to the important aspects of my life (strengthening my mind, my body, and my spirit) I am able to do so much more, so much better. It’s amazing how that works.
Okay, what about you—what do you read or listen to, which keeps you on top of your game?