Mercury Retrograde 2014.   

The Planets are powerful.  The solar system planets and astrology are a force to be reckoned with.  Even though the the solar system planets are constantly revolving around the Sun, sometimes they move slowly and appear to be moving backwards. This illusion of backward motion is called “retrograde.”  While all plants retrograde at some point in time, none affect us more than Mercury. Mercury is the planet which governs communications, clear thinking, truth, and travel. So when Mercury is in retrograde, all things related to communications and travel go haywire. The problem is, you don’t even know it until you are in it.

My life feels upside down.

For the last two weeks I have had problems with my computer, my fax machine, my telephones, and found myself feeling totally misunderstood. As if that was not enough, I got into several ridiculous arguments, found myself at a loss for “appropriate” words, found myself getting irritated at the slightest thing, and had two flight delays that were worse than normal. Had I been more mindful and remembered that Mercury was in retrograde, I could have bypassed these problems or at least been more aware. But instead, I got sucked in the vortex of Mercury’s retrograde influence. Today after a rough 2 weeks, all I wanted to do was hide under the covers. And we still have another week to go.

When is Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury is retrograde 3-4 times every year. In 2014, you can expect the illusion of a backward flow to occur until February 28th, again from June 7-July 2, and again from October 4-25.  Also be aware that the effects of the retrograde generally take place within 2 weeks before the period begins and within 2 weeks after, essentially creating an influence of about 6-8 weeks.

Tips on dealing with pesky Mercury during retrograde.

The best advice I can offer in getting through this period is:

  1. Go with the flow. Be flexible. The more you fight it, the harder the experience will be.
  2. Understand that everyone is influenced by the planets, whether they know it or not. So, give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone may be prone to be a little insensitive and confused – just like you.
  3. Back up your data in as many places as you can
  4. Allot extra time for travel.
  5. Avoid buying big-ticket items, they may have issues you cannot readily see
  6. Read the small print, and ask questions. It’s your job to get as much accurate information as you can.
  7. Finish incomplete jobs.  This is a great time to complete unfinished business
  8. Double-check and reconfirm everything, especially as it relates to appointments and travel.

Until next time, I’m attorney, author, and speaker Francine Ward helping you not sweat the small stuff. What do you think. Are you having retrograde experiences? Join the conversation on my Esteemable Acts Facebook Fan Page, my Twitter page, and in one of my LinkedIn groups.

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