Obstacles to Fulfilling Your 2013 Goals
There are many obstacles which stand between you and living your dreams. Some are real; some are fancied.  All stand in your way.
Fear is a motivator that compels us to take affirmative action. For example, after escaping the South Bronx at eighteen, I knew I never wanted to live there or be poor again. Fear was definitely a positive motivator.  On the other hand, fear is sometimes the obstacle preventing us from fulfilling our goals and realizing our dreams.  It took me 10-years to publish my first book, even though for almost 10-years I said I wanted to be a published author.  Why did it take me so long?  Because I was afraid to put pen to paper, for fear of rejection—fear of what other people would say.
A friend of mine has complained for 6 years about her crappy job.  She complains to everyone who will listen and has gotten reprimanded several times at work because of her attitude. Each time she tells me how unfair they are and how they have singled her out.  Yet, it is not hard for someone looking at her situation from the outside to see how she has created the negative effects at work.  She has always hated her job, but has never had the courage to leave.  Yet if they fired her, she‘d be the first to cry discrimination.
What prevents her from finding another job that she likes? Fear.  She is over 40 and believes no one would hire her.  At the same time, she is unwilling to learn a new skill.  She says she shouldn’t have to learn something new since she has been doing this job for 12 years.
What about you—are you living the life you want to live? Are you doing what makes your heart single and your spirit sparkle? If not, why not?
While it’s okay to feel afraid, it’s not okay to let fear become your master. It’s not okay to allow it to stand between you and your dreams.  In a recent interview with twentuy-five men, each acknowledged that it was easier to admit they were angry than to admit they were afraid. “You just never let people think you’re scared,” said Jimmy D. The more that seemingly strong people have the courage to share their fears, the easier it is for others to do the same.
Fear is a powerful foe that will find every opportunity will step in to frustrate your best intentions. It will try to convince you that there’s no need to look inward, no need for self-improvement, no need for change, no need to learn something new.  Fear will also tell you to stop the process of self-discovery when it feels too real. Resist the temptation to do so and keep going!
To motivate you in this New Year, consider the following affirmations:

  • Just for today, I will not let fear run my life.
  • Just for today, I will walk through my fear.
  • Just for today, I am willing to try something new.
  • Just for today, I see myself as living the life of my dreams.

Until next time, I’m Francine Ward, Author, Lecturer, and Self Esteem coach, sharing bold, yet simple ways to build self esteem. Join my conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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