Get Help. Depression.

Taking care of ourselves is a major decision we are called to make every single day. It’s rarely easy, considering the many distractions that get in our way. And some of those distractions—those life burdens are so heavy that they take us into depression. But for our sake, and the sake of our loved ones, we must forge ahead and get help.  Get the help we need in addressing those problems. Stop thinking we can do it alone. None of us are meant to live this life in a vacuum. Our mental health is #1.
If we are unsure of what next step to take tp secure our safe mental health, then we need to get help. That’s our responsibility, especially when on the outside we look like we have it all together. Sometimes our outward appearance makes people think we don’t need no stinkin’ help. Yet the more we carry the burden of going it alone, the closer we get to falling into that dark abyss—that place of quiet desperation.  A depression that is so deep, the only way out, feels like out. As much as we are loved and supported by many, that final decision to get help is a journey we do take alone.

Get Help. Meditation.

Going into the silence each day is one way to secure an answer. I know for me, when I am still and quiet, I am more open to receiving an answer.  When I am quiet, I am better able to ask for, and get help. I am better able to discover that place within me, where I can hear that still small voice. It is that voice that draws me to a quieter place, which allows me to receive the answer to some aspect of what is disturbing me.
Is something bothering you today? Is there a problem in your life you feel is so heavy you cannot surmount it? Are the bills piling up? Is the relationship in trouble? Are there “secret” health issues you don’t want to address?
I am Francine Ward, Speaker, Author, and Attorney; I invite you to join me in meditation today, along with Deepak and Oprah to discover better ways to take care of yourself. Then of you feel called share about one action you are willing to take that allows you to better care for yourself today.

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