Move your body. Exercise.

The heaviest weight I’ve ever been is 145 pounds, and I was only 26 years old.  I went from a size 4 to a size 14 almost overnight. For some people, that’s not a lot of weight.  But for me, with my small frame, that was a lot of bulk to carry around.  And while I want to blame my weight gain on my mother, the weather, the TV, McDonald’s, or tell you that the popcorn just popped into my mouth, the truth is–I got there by design.  It wasn’t a conscious plan, per se. But, when you couple no exercise with more than enough food, you get a heavy body.
Not everyone cares about being a few pounds lighter, or having more energy, or feeling healthier.  So if that is not of interest to you, then don’t read anymore of this blog post.  In fact, many folks are happy just where they are.  BUT, if you are like me, or have struggled with your weight as I have, and you want to do something about it, then read on.

Move Your Body. Exercise.

First, you can’t go back and change the past.  So stop whining about where you were or what you didn’t do.  You didn’t exercise, you ate too much, and you ate a lot of garbage.  Okay, it’s done. What you can change is the present, which will ultimately change your future. This blog post only focuses on one action: move your body.
By no means is incorporating a daily practice of movement been easy to implement.  There will be many times that you will slip back into the “no movement consciousness.”  But if you keep Move your body uppermost in your mind–just for today, by the end of today, you will feel great. Se;f esteem comes from DOING Esteemable Acts, and it’s an Esteemable Act to move your body.  It’s hard to say you love yourself when you don’t tend to the proper care and feeding of your body.  Move your body.

Self esteem. Esteemable Acts.

Here are a few things I do to get back on track, when I fall off the beam. Maybe they might work for you, too:

  1. Create the intention to move daily. It all begins with a thought, a desire to take action.
  2. Visualize your movement. See yourself dancing, running, jumping rope, or doing some activity that requires movement.
  3. Plan & schedule your activities in advance.
  4. Alternate activities. Do something different each day.
  5. Take small actions every day. Baby step your way to success.
  6. Workout with a friend. Exercise goes better with friends.
  7. Keep your agreement to you. There are always valid excuses for not going to the gym, running five miles, or playing volleyball; there is no excuse for not moving your body. You simply have too many options.

What will you do today?
Excerpt from my book, 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living.
 I’m Attorney, Speaker, Author, and Coach Francine Ward sharing real world experiences  to help you change the way you see yourself and build self esteem. Join the conversation on my Esteemable Acts Facebook Fan PageEsteemable Acts Twitter Page, or in one of my LinkedIn Groups. Also, feel free to pin on my Pinterest Page.

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