Presidential Debate. Trump. Rosie O’Donnell. Megan Kelly.

I am not as surprised, as many folks seem to be, by Trump’s behavior. This is who he has always been, and he has never hidden his beliefs or his crudeness. He hasn’t gotten to be a billionaire by playing nice.  Ask folks in NY. Umm… I’m curious if he will win in NY. But what does surprise me is that so many women support a man who has openly denigrated women. His wife does not seem to mind and neither does his daughter. And to the folks who got mad after seeing the TV commercial with his offensive Twitter quotes, I ask, where were you when he first made those vile statements about women? Where were you when he made disgusting comments about Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell on live TV during the first debate?

Blinded by the Bling?

Next, I GET that rich folks like Trump. I understand the attraction. He is rich and his goal is to help rich folks get richer. But what surprises me is that so many poor folks and hardworking blue collar folks find Trump appealing. HE is the reason many hard working Americans don’t have jobs, because he outsources them overseas. When asked about it, he shifts the blame to someone else e.g., President Obama, as he always seems to do. Interesting, because he’s been outsourcing for years, what was his excuse before President Obama came into office?  Today, he continues to outsource jobs overseas. Do people not know that? Are they blinded by the brashness – by the bling?

Black Republicans. Gay Republicans.

Finally, what really surprises me is that there are so many blacks and gays who are proclaimed republicans.  A party that openly (except during election time) dislikes minorities and hates gays.  I guess it is just hard to overcome self-hatred.
What are your thoughts?
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