Self-esteem. Esteemable Acts.

Self-esteem comes from doing Esteemable Acts. And, it’s an Esteemable Act to have the courage to live your dreams.
Living your dreams requires a deep seated belief that anything is possible, even if the dream feels out of reach. It also requires a willingness to stay the rough and rocky course, regardless of the detours you encounter along the way. Self-esteem is a result of right living. Self-esteem comes from taking a stand for what you believe. It’s an Esteemable Act to go for the gusto!

Derrick Coleman.

One of my new favorite public figures is Derrick Coleman, a fullback with the Seattle Seahawks. Derrick has been deaf since he was three years old. And despite one person after another saying he couldn’t do certain things, he has consistently proven them wrong. Indeed, he is an NFL football player. A recent Duracell commercial says it all—Trust the Power Within.
It’s people like Derrick who have consistently inspired me to move past my fear, toward my dreams. I remember when I decided to become a lawyer, I knew the road ahead would be difficult. I was a high school dropout, with a colorful past. People like me didn’t become lawyers, we paid lawyers. Without question, there were many people who held that same belief about my ability to succeed. One day at a time with a big dream and a willingness to do the work necessary, my dream became a reality.
This year I celebrate 25 years since graduating from Georgetown University Law Center, and 23 years of practicing law. Who would have thought?
What about you…what do YOU dream about? A new career? A book deal? A screenwriting opportunity? A far-away trip? A new home? A new car? Improved education? Enhanced skills? Your own business? It’s all possible. With a big dream, some focused effort, and a willingness to—at times—be uncomfortable, your dreams can become a reality.
If you need a little help at getting started and are open to some coaching, give me a call.
In the meantime, feel free to share your dreams on either my Esteemable Acts Fan Page, Google+ page, Twitter page , Pinterest, or in one of my LinkedIn Group discussions.

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