I recently came across an article in the Huffington Post titled “6 Ways a Publisher Can Kill Your Success.” The article lists some common things to watch out for when dealing with publishers, whether they are classic hard-copy publishers or eBook publishers.

6 Ways a Publisher Can Kill Your Success.

For instance:

  • It’s important to understand all internal or hidden costs when going to a publisher and to have a solid idea of how you want to price your work. Before signing a deal you must ask the publisher how they determine their costs. The wrong price can severely hamper your books sales.
  • Thoroughly explore your marketing options for your work. Closely examine the marketing programs that your publisher is offering you, some are effective, but some can be counterproductive. Don’t fall for the hype and don’t be pressured into something you are unsure of.
  • Be careful of publishers offering to create a website for your work. Often a website created by the publisher can give the publisher control over the site and leave you out in the cold. You may also be charged a hefty fee when the website requires updates.
  • Do you have access to your Amazon listings? Unless you are using a traditional publishing house, you should have access to and control of your listings. This is vital for making changes and updating descriptions, which is often necessary as time goes by.

To see the complete list and read the entire article click HERE.
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