Self-esteem comes from DOING Esteemable Acts, and it’s an Esteemable Act to have the courage to stand up against the loudest voice with the biggest and most plentiful guns.
It amazes me that it takes someone from a foreign country to have the courage to stand up against the VERY powerful gun lobby.  What also amazes me is that we are a nation that says we fight for freedom, yet we are against gay marriage; we are a nation whose women have fought for equal rights, yet we allow men, the government, and even other women to dictate what we do with our bodies;  We claim we hate drugs and what it has done to our families, yet we consistently glorify drug use in movies and on TV, and we say we are appalled at the proliferation of violence in our culture, yet almost every TV show (even those meant for kids) perpetuate the notion that violence is okay if YOU do it (but not if someone else does it).
BRAVO to Piers Morgan for doing what we say we believe in—what’s right!
By way of example, the new Revenge TV Show says it all. A young woman with limited facts sets out to kill and otherwise destroy people she blindly believes were responsible for her father’s death.  She is portrayed as someone with a valid reason to destroy lives and careers of others.  She is a sick and reckless sociopath, with little to no regard for those she hurts.  Yet because she is supposedly avenging her father’s death, her actions are acceptable. What is wrong with that picture!  No wonder we are a violent culture, we support violence.
Regarding Piers Morgan and the petition to send him back to the UK, I cannot believe sane thinking people would even entertain the notion of signing a petition to get rid of someone who has the courage to speak against violence.  And yet, in America anything seems possible.
The madness will stop when we stop allowing crazy people to instill fear in us and dictate how everyone should live.  The gun lobby is very powerful, as is the drug lobby (pharmaceutical companies and other drug dealers).  We let gun fanatics rule the country, we let men & women who can barely take care of their own affairs tell us what to do with our bodies, and we give drug companies carte blanche in getting us hooked.
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Until next time, I’m Francine Ward, speaker, author, coach, attorney, and someone who believes courage is an Esteemable Act!

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