As a follow-up to my latest blog on COVID-19 trademark applications, I want to talk about why intellectual property (IP) is so important during this pandemic. 

Amidst the widespread economic impact of the virus and the rapidly-increasing case-count in some areas, Americans are still doing what they do best—improvising, adapting, and overcoming. Artists are creating masterpieces, scientists are developing cures, writers are crafting amazing and provocative works of authorship, and tech geniuses are devising newer and better forms of technology designed to keep businesses afloat. 

However, many people have no idea just how much our world relies upon, is protected by, and is sustained by the creation and implementation of intellectual property. In fact, the very existence of IP is what motivates some people into using their sheltered-in-place time wisely. Through technology, many folks are able to identify, develop, and take their creative ideas to market. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. When the dust settles on CoVID-19, just imagine what new and efficient ways we will have to make our lives better.

During this pandemic, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) made COVID-related medical research available to experts. WIPO put millions of scientific formulas online for free in order to form a unified front against the pandemic. Can you imagine what would happen if this data wasn’t protected or if it wasn’t accurate? The worth of that information is as valuable as the IP that protects it. And, the development of intellectual property isn’t just about getting credit for an idea—it’s about improving our world in a consistent, fair, efficient, and ethical way. 

So, the next time you take your prescription medication, watch a movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime, write a blog, develop a podcast, engage in a Zoom call, order something through the Internet, or read a book or article on your tablet, remember that our world is a better place because of the creators of intellectual property

Until next time, I’m Francine D. Ward – Your Work. Your Property. Your Dream. Protected.

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