Last week I took my mother on a cruise to the Caribbean. It was in celebration of her 81st birthday and of her amazing life.  Since her 70th birthday, I have tried to take her somewhere, just so we can spend time together. We’ve done cruises, Hawaii, and the spa.  How lucky I am to still have a mother who is living and present.

Me and my Mom

Me and my Mom

As we start the Holiday season, I think about all that I have to be grateful for:

  1. My mother
  2. My relationship with my mother
  3. The fact that I truly love my mom
  4. That I am financially able to do things with, and for her
  5. A wonderful husband who lets me be ME
  6. Enough to eat
  7. A comfortable bed to sleep in
  8. The ability to live the life I love
  9. Friends that matter
  10. A clean and sober life
  11. My beautiful animals
  12. That I love and value animals
  13. My education
  14. That I am 58 and loving it
  15. And so much more…

What are you grateful for today? Think back over your life to where you were 20-, 10-, 5-, 1-year ago.  How has your life changed? Is it better? Are you worse off? Even if it feels as if it has changed for the worst, are you able to manage it? Despite the struggle, do you have enough? Do you have hope?
On this day I thank God for my many gifts, and NOT the least of them is my mom.  Join the conversation on my Esteemable Acts Fan Page and let me know what you are grateful for.

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