Self esteem.  comes from doing Esteemable Acts.

I know a lot about low self esteem. There was a time in my life when I allowed people, especially  men, to treat me any way they wanted, and speak to me in any way they wanted.  I recall an incident at a job years ago, where I was called, “a stupid bitch and an idiot.”  In the presence of my co-workers, all I could do was stand there and cry.  And, I continued to work for that man until he fired me.  Of course, he fired me. Why wouldn’t he?   I proved to be someone who couldn’t stand up to a bully—him.  Therefore, how would I be able to stand up, to clients, in support of his business. The sad reality is that I would have stayed had he let me.  Low self esteem shows up in many ways. Self-hatred, self loathing runs deep.

Low self esteem. Bully.

If you had a boss who talked to you like crap, would you take it? If so, under what condition would you tolerate such bullying?  Sometimes we may feel that we must tolerate bullying behavior from a boss if we need the job.  No doubt about it, I’m sure all of us at one time or another have settled for horrible treatment.  When you need a paycheck, sometimes you settle.  But at what point does our self-esteem count for more than just words?  At what point is such abuse acceptable?  It might be understandable for a minute if you need the money, but what about the person who has money and still tolerates that treatment?  At what point do you say “NO” to the bully?

White House Bully and Those who Emulate Him.

As I watch the parade of exiting white house cabinet members and staff, I am amazed at how many of them have allowed themselves to be publicly humiliated. But for the fact they were fired, they would have probably stayed on board.  I can’t imagine what it would take for me, the woman I am today, to allow such treatment in private, let alone in public.  Successful grown men and women continually allow themselves to be emotionally annihilated and disparaged by trump.  Their kids are watching.  What a powerful message to send. If your kids are watching you tolerate abusive and denigrating treatment, then rest assured, they will follow suit.  They will either become the abuser or the abuser.  Why wouldn’t they—you do.  You’re their role model.

Kelly Riddell Sadler.

Many folks (even some republicans) were shocked today by the horrid statement made by white house aide, Kelly Riddell Sadler.  I’m not sure why, considering her role model—trump.  Her statement about John McCain was horrid, but not surprising.   Because  McCain chose not to support Gina Haspel, trump’s nominee for the CIA head, Kelly Riddell Sadler said, “Well he’s dying anyway.”  Really!
Self-esteem comes from doing Esteemable Acts. Our behavior is a reflection of how we truly feel about ourselves and others.
What are your thoughts?

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