The Right Choice. We Choose.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it is for YOU to do.  The right choice is not always the easy one to make. Sometimes we are called to step back, think through to the consequences of making a choice, and THEN, decide on the best course of action.  Sometimes the best decision is not doing what we think is for us to do. We choose, and sometimes we should take into account how our choices will impact others.

Queen Sugar.

I was watching the season premier of one of my favorite television programs—Queen Sugar on the OWN channel. There is an interesting twist this season.  Nova, one of the three children to whom the father Ernest Bordelon left his sugar cane farm, is faced with the consequences of her decision to air ALL of the family’s secrets in her new book.  And indeed, consequences she will face. It calls into question who has the right to disclose personal facts about another person. What is the right choice?
Granted we are as sick as your secrets. Believe me, I am the first to know that universal truth has power.  Coming out of the darkness into the light is a compelling choice we make and a powerful tool for our growth.  There is something magical that takes place when we stop allowing our secrets to strangle us and hold us hostage.  But here, the operative words are “choice we make,” not a choice someone else makes for us.
It’s like someone outing a gay person who chooses not to disclose their homosexuality.  Or the recovering person selfishly making an amend for past behavior, even when such a disclosure harms another person.
We have the right to do whatever we choose with our past, our secrets, our stories. But, is not our place to reveal a secret that someone else chooses to keep secret.  Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it is for YOU to do.
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