Tough Times. Life is not always easy!

Life is not always easy.  Sometimes, we have to get through the tough times in order to appreciate the good times. Dealing with tough times can be challenging, but doable.  And when times are tough, sometimes the only thing that helps you get through them is to help someone else get through their pain.
None of us can escape the tough times, they are a part of life. But being there for someone else helps you cope with your own hurt. In 1997 I put Athena, my feline friend and companion of nineteen and a half years to sleep. She has been with me through many of my own challenges in life. When she died, it felt as if a piece of me died with her.

Tough Times Can be Overcome.

It was a day that I thought Id never get through. A day I could hardly show up for myself, let alone anyone else. Yet the only way I was able to survive the experience was by showing up for others and having the courage to tell the truth about my feelings. One thing I’ve discovered, the more I have the courage to tell the truth about who I am and what is happening in my life, the real I appear. And, the more real I am, the more I give others permission to be the same.
I had previously scheduled a speaking engagement for that day and while the meeting planner probably would have understood had I canceled, I knew I was supposed to be there – and I was. I cried in front of my audience and sharing my pain, I also helped others. There were many people in the audience who had recently lost loved ones, and my courage and willingness to be there and share my experience gave them courage, too.
Take a moment and identify your reasons for giving. Don’t worry if your motives don’t seem altruistic. Just be honest as you can.
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