Here we are, almost in the month of May. Are you on track with the actions you need to take?  Have you made a daily effort to do just one little thing that moves you closer to your dream?  Are things doing along fine or might you consider tweaking your position?
A benefit of periodically assess yourself is that you can always make a change.  There is plenty of time to get busy making.  Making a start is the key.
If you slightly off track, I’m here to help you jump back on the horse and start riding. Here are some steps to take:
1. Today let’s remember your goal.  What is it?  What was important to you at the beginning of the year?  Write it down on 3×5 colored index cards.  Make the commitment to make it real.  Ask yourself, is it still achievable and realistic?  If it’s still achievable, but less realistic over six months, modify it to accommodate your time frame.  Do something rather than nothing.  For example, suppose your goal is to lose 50 pounds by December 31st. Depending on your current weight, while that might have been more doable over 12 months, it’s more challenging over six.  So why not revise your goal to lose 25 pounds in six months.  It’s a start.
2: In looking back over the last six months, what got in your way? What prevented you from doing more?  What didn’t work over the last six months?  Were you not prepared for the obstacles?  Did you try to tackle too many things at once?  Did you forget about the baby steps?  Write out your answers.  There is a power in putting pen to paper and seeing what your thought process is.
3: Rarely does a day go by when we don’t do something positive.  Today, bring to mind some positive actions you took over the last six months.  What did you do well?  What worked for you?
4: Did you have a visual reminder?  If so, what was it?  Did you look at it often?  Rarely? Not at all?  If you didn’t have a visual, why not?  What can you use to stay focused over the remaining six months?  Today create a visual reminder of your goal. Then, keep it visible everywhere you are.
5: There are lots of resources, utilizing a support system is key.  Did you stay connected to a buddy? What a mastermind group? Did you consider working with a coach? Today is your day to commit to securing some kind of support.
6: What observations can you make about your ability to honestly assess your position?  Was it helpful to have a mid-year check-in?  What will stop you from now doing the work required to get you to the end of the year?
I’m Francine Ward sharing secrets to my success and happiness.  Check out my Esteemable Acts Twitter page, Esteemable Acts Facebook Fan page, 60NOTDead Twitter page, or join one of my LinkedIn groups.

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