Listening to your inner voice is an esteemable act that requires practice and courage. Be sure to practice, because the change doesn’t happen overnight. Oftentimes we must do the same thing over and over for it to be a part of who we are. Almost everything requires courage, first so we are able to receive the message, and second so we become willing to act on those messages.
While your other voice may sometimes lie to you, your small invoice and never will. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is not complicated; it just requires a willingness to listen to that inner voice.
Once I received too much change in a grocery store. My groceries came to four dollars and change, and I should have received $15 and some change back from my $20 bill.  Instead, the cashier of mistook my new $20 bill for a new $50 bill and gave me $45 and change. I said nothing. I left the store knowing what I had done, and found cause to justify why I should keep the windfall.
“You need the money,” I said to myself. “It was God’s will that the cashier made a mistake and God’s will for me to keep the money.”
But deep inside I knew the right thing to do in the moment I counted my change, and that was to give it back. My Inner Voice to let me know returning the money was the ethical thing to do. I went to the store the next morning and returned the money.
Think, for a moment, about the choices you have in life. Perhaps your initial reaction is “I don’t have many choices at all.” If so, invite you to explore some of the things that could be perceived as choices by others, such as whether or not to get up and go to the gym, whether to allow another driver to cut in front of your car, whether to answer the phone after you missed an appointment knowing that the caller is your missed appointment, whether to confront someone who hurt your feelings, whether to ask that gnawing question, or whether to eat that candy bar.
I invite you to write in your journal and identify three decisions you made in the last month and your reasons for making them. Were they hard decisions to make? Why or why not? Did you listen to your inner voice or ignore it? Be honest as possible when recording your answers.

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