That time of year is here, once again, when people become excited about the possibility of a new start. People make all kinds of big plans and resolutions for the

upcoming year. A new start and another chance to do what they really want to do and to become the people they really want to be.
You can go on the Internet and read hundreds of articles on how to follow through and stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Most of the advice will be good advice, I’m sure. However, the planning, strategizing and to-do lists will not get you where you want to go if you don’t have courage.
If you want to change your life in any meaningful way, you will have to make the “right choices.” Making the right choice can often involve courage. If you have constantly made bad choices in your life, it can be very difficult to change. For selfish and self-serving reasons, some people in your life may not want you to make different choices. They may pressure you to stay set in your current circumstances and to continue to make bad choices. You must have the courage to ignore these people’s opinions and comments, and focus on making the right choices for you – the ones that will ultimately take you where you want to go.
Courage is a vital attribute when starting something new, whether it be starting a business or simply getting in shape. Many people never take those first steps down a new path simply because they are scared to death of failing, scared of what people will say if they fail at reaching their goal. (Of course, it’s often a good idea not to tell everyone about your plans, so you won’t put added pressure on yourself.) The hard truth is that if you don’t have the courage to risk failure, you may never get to that place where you truly want to be. How many super successful people failed countless times before they finally broke through? Remind yourself that you are never a failure as long as you keep trying.
Finally, no matter what your goal is, big or small, you must have the courage to be real. True happiness and peace of mind comes from being authentic. However, being authentic can often have some unpleasant consequences. People may not be comfortable with the real you, at least not initially. That however, should not stop you from telling your story and speaking your truth. Don’t live in the past, but embrace your past, both good and bad, and be honest about yourself and with yourself. Have the courage to be an inspiration to others by being genuinely authentic.
In this coming year I challenge you to find that inner-courage that we all have and use it to become the person you really want to be. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, but I am saying that courage will open doors to you that you once believed would be closed forever.
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