Last week I had lunch with Myra Goldstein—my 3rd grade teacher.  It wasn’t the first time we had been together since I left 3rdgrade, and if God willing, it won’t be the last.

Me and my 3rd grade teacher.

Me and my 3rd grade teacher (Myra Goldstein)

Ms. Goldstein (although she insists that I call her Myra) was at my graduation from Hunter College, graduation
from Georgetown Law Center, my wedding, and my first major book signing in New York in 2003. I have known her for 50 years—and we’re still connected.  And, I never miss the opportunity to tell her how much she matters.
Third grade was a time when I felt awkward, alone, and different.  Ms. Goldstein made me feel like I mattered.
She made a difference.  She had me play Dorothy, when my 3rd grade class performed the Wizard of Oz. While I did not grow up to be an actress, she inspired me to tap into my creative energies in many other ways. For that I’ll always be grateful.
Some people talk about the importance of relationships, but when they’re asked, “When was the last time you spoke with …” many people are forced to remember how long ago it was. I value relationships, and I like to think that my actions demonstrate my respect for my friends and mentors. Whether it’s by telephone, email, a greeting card, or face-to-face, I make an effort to stay connected.  And lack of time is not an excuse. If I can make time for things that are not so important, I can pick up the phone and say hello. With all the buzz surrounding social media, why not connect with someone who REALLY matters.
Self esteem comes from DOING Esteemable Acts, and it’s an Esteemable Act to appreciate those who have made a difference in our lives.
Who will you connect with this week?  Make the commitment today to tell someone how much they matter.
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