Fear Can Be a Motivation.

Sometimes fear motivates us into taking action.  For example, after escaping the South Bronx at eighteen, I knew I never wanted to live there or be poor again. My fear of being stuck in a cycle of poverty compelled me to take action which allowed me to change my life.

Fear Can Be a Deterrent to Success.

On the other hand, fear is sometimes an obstacle that makes it difficult or impossible for us to take action. It stops motivation. For example, suppose you hate your job, but you’re afraid to quit. It’s your fear that keeps you stuck in a job you hate. The fear could be valid, but maybe not.
While it’s okay to feel afraid, it’s not okay to let fear become your master. It’s not okay to allow it to stand between you and your dreams.  In a recent interview with twenty-five men, each acknowledged that it was easier to admit they were angry than to admit they were afraid. “You just never let people think you’re scared,” said Jimmy D. The more that seemingly strong people have the courage to share their fears, the easier it is for others to do the same.
Fear is a powerful foe that will find every opportunity will step in to frustrate your best intentions. It will try to convince you that there’s no need to look inward, no need for self-improvement. Fear will also tell you to stop the process of self-discovery when it feels too real. Resist the temptation to do so and keep going!
To motivate you in this New Year, consider the following affirmations:

  • I am not afraid of knowing who I am.
  • I welcome the opportunity to know myself better.
  • I am open to knowing and loving all of me.
  • I am willing to step out of the darkness and into the light.

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