Volunteer. Service. Make a Difference.

Imagine you’ve lived a long and full life and now you find yourself at the “pearly gates.” It’s been said that upon arrival, you won’t be asked how many cars you had, how many pairs of shoes you owned, where you went to school, or even how many children you raised. Instead, you’ll be asked “Whom did you help? How were you of service to others? How did you make the world a better place?”
Some of you may think of service in terms of money; for some it will be measured by volunteer hours spent; and still for others, it will be a tax-deductible, charitable expense. Whatever your definition, expand your view and consider service as whatever you do for the benefit of others. The purpose of today’s blog is not only for you to see that giving is an esteemable act, but that you also see it as a desirable way of life, rather than as an intrusion.

Giving. Charity.

Giving freely of yourself reminds us that we all have something to give – regardless of how small or how seemingly unimportant the gift may appear. To the beneficiary of your largess, your offering of kindness and generosity is what makes their day. Maybe it’s a smile, or an “atta boy!” Perhaps it’s the few precious moments you spend in silence with someone, or that you simply listen without judgment. Maybe it’s the sharing of valuable information or a skill. Whatever it is, freely giving of yourself makes difference in someone’s life and is an esteemable act.
Today select one thing that you can do in the next twenty-four hours to be of service to someone. It might simply be to call someone who is alone this Holiday season, send a card to a friend who could use a pick-me-up, offer to go to the store for someone unable to get out, pay the bridge toll for the person behind you, buy a stranger a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, or any number of things.  A consciousness of giving starts here. Perhaps one small action will lead to another.
So, what can you do today to bring you closer to embodying a consciousness of giving? What one action are you willing to take? Share your thoughts.

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