Good Health.

Emotional fitness is an important part of good health. What goes into your mind is an important as what goes into your body. Even if your physical body is healthy, if you’re imbalanced emotionally, your self-esteem can be affected. Therefore, investing in the care and feeding of your mind is a critical step to good health.

Taking Care of the Mind.

One consequence of not taking care of your mind is depression, a buildup of unaddressed, unacknowledged, and unheard, unappreciated, alone, as if you lack control over your life, ill-equipped to handle life on its own terms – these are conditions that often drive us to depression. And some of the symptoms are not eating, overrating, isolating, or resuming an old destructive habit, such as smoking, drinking, or gambling. At some time or another we all face problems – financial, personal, family, health, spiritual – and must deal with the realities of depression. How we handle depression and how long we remain in it are determined by our willingness to take certain actions.
While it would be easy to say all depression can be remedied with one solution, that’s not true. However, the following suggestions have worked for me and countless others, and may work for you too. However, if you are severely depressed and have had suicidal thoughts, please contact a health care professional.

  • Take Action: For many people, action is the key to alleviating or eliminating depression.
  • Be Patient: It’s normal to want instantaneously results after you’ve taken an action. But in truth, results rarely happen immediately.
  • Enlist A Friend: Having someone to talk to about your feelings is important.
  • Read Daily Mediations: Consider beginning each day with selected readings from positive, uplifting books.
  • Spend Quiet Time Alone: By allowing daily quiet time you create a balance between the doing and the being aspect of your life.

What can you do right now, this moment, to move your closer to better health? Perhaps getting a physical exam or just making an appointment with a doctor, or quitting smoking or drinking?  Eating a green salad, buying a quart bottle of water and drinking it all, making a spa appointment, going for a brisk walk outside or on the treadmill?
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