Diet Pills. Quick Fix. Exercise Pill.  

Will we ever stop trying to get something by doing nothing? Lose weight fast pills, diet pills, weight loss pills, just to name a few. Why is work such a bad word? I don’t know, but apparently it is. We always seem to be looking for a quick fix to everything. 5-Minute Abs, Self-esteem in 30 days, no interest loans, get rich quick, eat all you want and lose weight, and the list goes on. Now the California-based Salk Institute for Biological Studies has devised a new product called, “The Exercise Pill.”

Exercise Pill.

Back in November 2017, the New Yorker Magazine  published an article about the exercise pill. A pill that makes exercise obsolete. A pill that allows you to take a drug, exert no effort, and lose weight. At the delight of many, this drug is a panacea. Like discoveries before it, the exercise pill touts a quick fix—better living through chemistry. Take a drug; solve your problems.
The Salk Institute in San Diego came up with an experiment to support its findings that the pill works. They took two mice, one named Couch Potato Mouse representing the “average American,” and one named “Lance Armstrong Mouse,” one that takes drugs to enhance its performance. According to the Salk Institute, Couch Potato Mouse lived like most Americans, subsisting on a diet of fat and sugar. Consequently, Couch Potato Mouse was fat, out of shape, and lethargic. The only exercise that mouse got was walking to and from the food bowl. The Lance Armstrong Mouse was raised in the exact same way as Couch Potato Mouse, on a diet of fat and sugar. However, Lance Armstrong Mouse was given the magic pill. A drug that made it feel as if it was exercising, yet never having to move a muscle.

I Hate Exercise.

The dream of every person who wants to eat whatever they want, who hates exercise, yet wants to be thin. I get that work is a bad word for some, but I still believe in the importance of working for something I want. I still recall John Houseman in the old Smith Barney television commercial, “We make money the old fashioned way. We earn it.”
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