Speak UP! Courage.

Did you know that speaking up in the moment is a positive step toward real and lasting self-love? It keeps us from holding on to grudges that eventually eat away at us, because our anger at others eventually turns into anger at ourselves for not taking better care of us.

Speak Up takes Courage.

Sometimes we’re afraid to speak up because we don’t think we have anything important to say. Sometimes we’re afraid no one will want to hear what we have to say. Sometimes we’re afraid of being judged, and sometimes we’re afraid of the conflict that is sure to arise when we say what we feel. It takes courage to speak up.
But if you don’t speak up when you have something of value to contribute, you do yourself and the problem-solving process a disservice. Troubles are resolved when there is a diversity of thinking, and sometimes that means having the courage to be one to speak up with a new or different idea. It’s an esteemable act to speak up in the moment.
One thing to remember about speaking up: The way you say something is as important as what you say. Most often people will respond positively to thoughtful words rather than words that irritate. So, choose your words carefully. It can make the difference between someone hearing and understanding what you’re trying to say and someone disregarding you.
Today I invite you to take out your journal and jot down five things you wish you had said in the moment over the last three weeks. As you go through this day, make a note of the times you didn’t say something you really wanted to say. While you can’t go back and change the past, you can make an effort to take better care of yourself in the future by speaking up in the moment.
I’m Francine Ward sharing secrets to my success and happiness.  Check out my Esteemable Acts Twitter page, Esteemable Acts Facebook Fan page, 60NOTDead Twitter page, or join one of my LinkedIn groups.

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