Here we are. It’s April and spring upon us.

How many of you made resolutions a couple of months ago, and what is it that you wanted to change or accomplish? How is it going for you so far? Are you having a tough time achieving the goals you set for yourself?  Are you already prepared to throw in the towel and wait until next year
I’m here to tell you that whatever your goals and dreams are, chances are they are probably doable if you really, truly desire them, and, if you are persistent and willing to stay the course for the long run.
What I’m trying to tell you is that all goals, big or small, are achieved one baby step at a time.
Yes it’s true, life is a marathon and not a sprint. How many of us start off fast with tons of hope and enthusiasm only to peter out and then eventually give up. Nobody ever said that achieving your goals was going to be easy and fast. If they did, they were lying to you and probably just trying to sell you something.
If you are committed and working towards a goal and find yourself struggling, say this affirmation daily:

I am willing to take small, consistent, daily action.

This week I will baby step my way to success.

Changing your direction in life after years of doing things a certain way is far from easy. If you put too much pressure on yourself to reach your goal, it could be counterproductive. The proper way to achieve your dreams is in small but doable increments. Complete the little step you are working on and then go on to the next step. This is not late-night infomercial material, but it will work if you are willing to be patient with yourself and stay the course.
Here are some other steps you can take to help you on your baby step path:

  • Start being your own biggest fan, if you don’t appreciate your small steps, how can you expect others to?
  • Break tasks into small pieces. See each action item as a mini-goal. This makes your tasks mentally and emotionally manageable.
  • Remind yourself that every action counts. Repeat to yourself, “Every action I take moves me closer to my overall goal.”
  • Pray for support, and then use it.

Please try to remember that Rome was not built in a day and neither will your dream. The key is persistence and daily consistent action. But as we know consistent baby steps will take you thousands of miles. And of course, remember to have fun and stay positive along the way. It will make your journey much more fun and memorable, and it’ll seem shorter too.

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