Have The Courage to Risk Failure  – Even When YOU are Over Prepared

My experience as a professional speaker has taught me a lot about being over prepared. Sometimes you can be so prepared for a program that you create unnecessary tension, setting yourself up for failure.
You become more focused on the outcomes then on enjoying and participating in the process. You’re so plastic, stiff, and totally inaccessible to your audience. You’re so scripted that you leave no room for spontaneity.
There is a fear that if you deviate from your script, you’ll fail. Once I was so overly prepared for a program and so concerned about failing that I lost sight of why I was really doing it and failed. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was too prepared.

Public Speaking.

On the contrary, being prepared, when done right, gives you the freedom to be more spontaneous, not less so. Take for example public speakers who are well grounded in their material; they spend less time trying to remember their lines and more time building a rapport with their audience.
What does it mean to you to be overly prepared? Have you ever been overly prepared for something? Describe examples in your own life of over preparedness. What beliefs made you feel that you had to be overly prepared? What lesson did you learn from that experience?
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