I never believed in angles – but now I do. I think of angles as people who do nice things for us without expecting much in return. They give for the love of giving. They seek out opportunities to help, even when it seems inconvenient. They don’t always look like we expect them to look or smell like we think they should. Their beliefs aren’t always aligned with ours. But when we need them, they are there.
One of the first times I really understood this concept was when I drove to New York from Las Vegas in 1982. There I was, with just two years of driving experience, in my 1981 Mustang with my two scared kitties, Jason and Athena, and a U-Haul trailer. The journey was complete with torrential rainstorms, hours and hours of barren desert, and big trucks that always had the right of way. But angles were everywhere. I met them in the gas stations and rest stops, on the highway, in hotels, at restaurants, and at every meeting place I stopped along the way. Their support was unfailing. Because of them, I got from once city to another.
When was the last time you recognized an angel? Perhaps they let your car pass into the next lane without giving you a dirty look. Maybe they were in the car ahead of you and had paid your bridge or tunnel toll. Perhaps they offered to assist you when you were overloaded with bags. Maybe they helped you up instead of walking by when you fell on the stairs. Maybe they gave you a gift they knew you’d like. Perhaps it’s a friend who just stopped in the middle of a busy workday to take your call or meet with you for coffee or lunch. An angel can be someone you know or someone you meet in passing. Angels enhance your life, even if for just a moment.
Why are angels so important? Why are they a necessary part of our experience? Because they make the world a better place. They open up our heart and warm our soul. They remind us that people are good and kind and that the need to help others is a part of the human spirit. Without them, we think we can do things all by ourselves.
So appreciate the people who have helped you along the way, and recognize an acknowledge the angles in your life – the people who have contributed to your life in big and small ways.
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