I am new to Uber, in fact, I just took my first one last week while in Orlando at a conference.
Mostly it worked out well. Most drivers showed up when they said they would or at all, two did not.  And most were pleasant enough.  Being new, I assume a tip was included in the cost.  However, that being said, when a driver was exceptionally nice, helpful, flexible, or even just friendly, I just gave him an extra tip.  I personally have mixed views about Uber and the concept of hitchhiking with strangers.  I did that in Junior High and High School, but was on drugs so I did many things I would not do now.

The idea of tipping an Uber driver, if the tip is included then that’s one thing. If you want to give extra for doing extra, then we as customers are always free to do that.  Not sure why there is an issue here.
It goes back to what I believe, and that is, tips are for good service. Whether you drive a Yellow Cab or an Uber, if the service is poor then while there may be some folks who are afraid not to tip, others of us are not. I don’t tip for poor service, and if I do, it is the bare minimum.

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