Ethical Dilemma. (Feel free to read on, or listen to my audio)

This week I found myself faced with an ethical dilemma—whether to tell a close girlfriend that I saw her husband on an airplane kissing and holding hands with another woman. They were married for 27 years, and on the outside they seemed like the perfect couple. However, I knew from our close relationship that things were not as they appeared.  Nonetheless, it was a hard decision for me to make.
As I went through my process trying to decide what to do, I couldn’t help thinking about how often we are all faced with ethical choices. Some are seemingly small. Others are more challenging. They all require that we examine our personal values and weigh them against what’s happening in the moment.

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical Dilemmas

What Would You Do?
This month I decided to talk about ethical dilemmas. Over the next few weeks, I will present a moral predicament.  You will be invited to share your thoughts on how you “think” you would handle each scenario. Starting with this week, I invite you to talk about what you would do if you knew the spouse or partner of a close friend was having an affair.
Why I Did What I Did. 
As for me, in this situation I chose to tell my friend. That might not be the choice I make given another set of facts. Not everyone wants to know if their partner is having an affair.  Some people believe that, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.  And, in that case, it is not my business to be the informant. But in this particular situation, my friend and I had had this courageous conversation in the past, and she said she would want to know—as I would.  Yet still, I found it a difficult decision to make. Why? Because sometimes even if someone “says” they want to know—they really don’t.
What are your thoughts and how would you handle it?
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