Social Media.
Social networking has now become an essential part of our culture. No longer is it mentioned in passing, or as an aside to a conversation; it is now an integral part of the conversation. You hear about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, or a blog on television, at work, in school, just about everywhere you go.

Social Media Law

Social Media. Twitter. Blog Law

Without question, Social media is the hottest discovery since email. It is fun, fast paced, interesting, and allows you to connect with friends, family, colleagues, clients, and the world—as never before. But for all the cool things you can do, there’s a downside.
Social Media and Background Checks.
Information discovered through social media e.g., Twitter, Facebook, has been used to do background checks on potential employees, access damning info on existing employees, prevent a parent from getting custody of their children, and provided grounds to remove kids from a home. And, if you are called to jury duty in California—BEWARE!
Jurors Who Tweet Could Go to Jail!
In early August of this year, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a piece of legislation, which states that jurors who tweet during trial or court deliberations can be sentenced to up to 6-months in jail.
This new law came as a result of countless reports about jurors using cell phones and other mobile devices to tweet and stay connected, despite being told not to. Jurors also use their mobile devises to gather information about cases, defendants, plaintiffs, lawyers, and even judges. This new legislation states that judges must inform jurors that the prohibition of communication or research about a case includes all forms of electronic or wireless communication or research. Once jurors are placed on notice, if they violate the law, they may have to pay the consequences.
Until next time, I’m Attorney Francine Ward helping you protect your assets and stay out of court!
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