Last weekend I attended  a Bar Mitzvah. It was a wonderful experience and I ate a little more than I  wanted to eat. I forced myself to work out 2 of the 3 days I was in Washington
DC, and believe me, it was a struggle. I’d love to say that I jumped out of bed and raced to the treadmill. But sadly, that is no longer my experience.  Today it takes every bit of effort to get my self moving. But I do it.
Anyway, I worked out 2 of the 3 days I was away, and after I was finished, I felt great. And today, back at home, I got my eating back on track. I feel good today, because I made an effort.  That’s all it takes, a little willingness. I didn’t have a perfect eating weekend, but I made an effort to take small Esteemable Actions.
Some folks talk about willingness as if it’s a passive experience. It’s not a noun, it’s a verb.
Willingness without action is fantasy!
What do you think about willingness? Action? Making an effort?
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