Esteemable Acts: a Guide to Right Living
Self Esteem Comes From DOING Esteemable Acts–one baby step at a time!
So many people think self esteem is all about how you dress, where you work, who you are married to, where your kids go to school, or what car you drive. The real test of self esteem is how you BEHAVE. And, not just with yourself, but with others.
Different ways to live an esteemable life are fleshed out in both Esteemable Acts books.  However Esteemable Acts is not just a book or 2, it’s a movement of people who are trying to live better in the world, by having the courage to be decent, be loving, be real, and be useful.
What Esteemable Act will you perform today? In the next 24 hours whomever you meet, why not offer them a compliment– a sincere compliment. There is always something nice you can say about someone, regardless of who they are.  Compliment their eyes, their smile, the way they handled a situation, or a kindness they did for you or someone else.   Your simple act of kindness and appreciation–your Esteemable Act–can turn their day around, and yours.
This is Francine Ward, the Better Living Coach and the author of the Esteemable Acts books

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