Scandal ABC. Integrity.

Really! Is it every woman’s dream that a man will love her enough to betray his country, his family, his kids, his integrity and his soul?  A man who places the life of his mistress over an entire nation?  Is it every woman’s dream that her husband will stand before her, and when asked, “What do you want most in the world? he answers, “My mistress’s safe return.”  Have you watched the ABC television series Scandal lately?  So funny! Personally, I would not want a man who gave up his integrity and his country for me. What kind of man would he be?  If he so openly and notoriously betrays his family and his responsibilities, what kind of man would he be?  Wow, is sex really that powerful – and if so, why? It’s not like there is not enough of it around.

Power can be intoxicating.

Power can be intoxicating, especially for someone who can use sex as a tool. To give you an idea of how power-driven the main character Olivia Pope is, even as she is being held hostage, she says, “Look at who wants me. Look at what they are willing to pay. THAT is how powerful I am.” So very funny… only on television is a black woman that powerful as to be able to not only cause a war, but to drive an auction for her life to over $300 million.
Perhaps not to the extreme of Olivia Pope, but do people not trade their integrity for a little power every day in the corporate world? Do regular people not cut corners and sacrifice honesty for an extra bit of power and prestige in the short term? However, the decisions you make on a daily basis have consequences – long-term consequences.

Right Choices.

What is it that you can do – right now – to move towards the ability to make better choices in life? Regardless of where you have come from, and the mistakes you may have made in the past, every day is a new beginning, so strive to learn from your failures and to make better choices for yourself.
While the values and beliefs her characters portray often go against my values and beliefs, I so love Ms. Shonda Rhimes. She rocks! She is an amazing and brilliant storyteller who knows how to keep you interested. And, she always gives me something to talk about. I hope my novels will be as fabulous and teeth gritting as her characters. You go girl!
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