Goals. On Track?

Okay, we did a quick Mid-year check-in at the beginning of July.  Now we are at the end of Julyand I thought it would be great to support your progress by checking in again.  Did you get started on those goals yet? Have you followed through on the goals you set for yourself in January? Are you on track with what you wanted to take on this month? Have you made the daily effort to do just one little thing that moves you closer to your dream? If not, why not?
What do you need to do to get on track?  The year is half way over, and you still have time to get started fulfilling that dream you identified in January.  But, you need to get busy–now!
What does it take? Well if you are like me it starts with identifying what gets in the way of my doing what I said I wanted to do.  The reasons are many, and yet most of them, when honestly assessed, are not valid.  For example, often used excuses are family commitments, work, lack of money, lack of time, just to name a few.  But if we are really honest with ourselves, with 24-hours in a day, it is not hard to carve out 1-hour a day to take action on your goal.  Another strategy that helps me is scheduling that hour a day.  Literally putting it on the calender’s from _ to __.  Out pf sight out of mind.  Another helpful tip is to break the tasks into small manageable baby steps.  Believe it or not, everything I have ever accomplished in my life got started with one small step.Whether it’s losing weight, writing a book, learning a new skill,getting a better job, svaing money, managing your debt, all goals start with one small step.
Okay, get busy!


Progress is taking an action–any positive action that moves you in the direction of your goal. So what if you are not where you want to be, just get started. Spending too much time in a regretful mode is not productive. It slows you down and keeps you focused on what isn’t instead of what can be. As an alternate, acknowledge what you have done and reassess your position.

Good News!

The good news is that there is still plenty of time until the end of the year. And now is the time to create a plan for moving forward.  The key is to identify the necessary changes and then be willing to do the work. Maybe you need to do a little more of something, or a little bit less, or revamp the plan altogether.
Remember, it’s an esteemable act to do a periodic check-in regarding your goals no matter the time of year.
I’m Francine Ward, Author, Speaker, Attorney encouraging you to stretch far beyond your comfort zone—just for today!
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