Your Privacy Protection is YOUR Responsibility.

I went to buy something at a store today and gave a credit card. As is often the case, the cashier asked for my phone number.
I said, “Sure, do you have a pen and a piece of paper, so I can write it down.”
He said, “Just tell it to me.”
I said, “I’d like to write it down, because I don’t like to say my number out loud in a public place.”
He got a little testy with me and said, “No one ever said that to me before.”  He then laughingly said, “Are you always such a trouble maker?”
That brought up 2 things for me:

  1. That it really does take courage to take care of yourself. Most folks, for fear of being judged, won’t say, “I don”t want to give my number out loud”.
  2. Our privacy is OUR responsibility and it starts with the small steps we can take to protect ourselves. NOT repeating your cell phone number, credit card number, or address out loud in a public place is a good place to start.

It’s easy to be a conformist, because you are afraid that someone won’t like you. But when it comes to the protection of your privacy and private information, the best way to avoid identity theft, is to protect your identity.
Until next time, I’m Attorney Francine Ward sharing smart ways to protect what’s yours. Join the conversation on my Facebook Fan page, Twitter, or in one of my LinkedIn discussion groups.

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