Open Heart. A Giving Heart.

Having an open heart is an esteemable act.  When you do good, you feel good.  And, while you feel good about yourself when you give to others, there are many more reasons for cultivating the consciousness of giving.
When your heart is open, there will be an outpouring of opportunities for you to give. Pray for the willingness to see what they are. You could be walking down the street and see an opportunity to give. You could be at work and seeing opportunity to serve. You could be in traffic or in the line at the supermarket and come face-to-face with the opportunity to be of service.
They are everywhere, people and situations that cry out for your gift of caring. Start small, but do something. If you’re really interested in giving in some way, look for something small to do. It is better that you start with a little kindness and get in the habit then wait to do something big and do nothing.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Gift.

Waiting to give the perfect gift is sometimes an excuse not to give. Are you looking for an excuse not to give? What small act of kindness can you perform?
When you can, do what you normally wouldn’t do. Stretch yourself. Go beyond your comfort zone and give just a little more than you would normally give. If giving money is not an issue for you because you have plenty of it, consider also volunteering your time.
Spend the day with a child that you wouldn’t normally have access to, and expose him or her to something different. For example, take an inner-city child to the museum or the opera or the ballot. What a treat it would be for the child, and you. If you like to get your hands dirty, volunteer to clean someone’s lawn or plant the garden. Stretch yourself.
And remember when you say “yes” to a commitment, follow through. People are relying on you to do what you said you’d do and if you can’t do it, give sufficient notice.

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