I was recently asked to reflect back on my life and think about what I would say to a younger me.  These are a few of the things I’d tell my younger self:

  1. Have the courage to live the life you REALLY want to live.
  2. Go for your dreams, even if you are afraid.
  3. Get an education and remain a life-long learner.
  4. Make friends with women.
  5. Make giving of yourself (service) an integral part of your life.
  6. Keep your commitments to yourself.
  7. Have the courage to make amends when you are wrong.
  8. Be willing to see the part you play in EVERYTHING that happens to you.

What about you? What guidance would you offer to your younger self?  What guidance would you give to yourself if you could start all over again? Why can’t you start all over again…what stops you?
I’m Francine Ward and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share them with me through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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