Happy Birthday to Me — Francine Ward. Intellectual Property. Business Attorney. Copyright.

Birthdays are a special time. Not everyone GETS to have them. Today I am grateful for my life, my recovery, my good health, a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful and sweet kitties, lovely homes, a wonderful career, a strong mind, a willing spirit, a serving consciousness, a grateful heart, women who come to me for counsel, a number of women I go to for counsel, these things and so much more.

What a gift.  This morning I woke up and got the best birthday present. I received 3 cards,

  1. The first was from Kiwi.  In her card she told me she saved enough catnip all year to get me a gift.  So sweet.
  2. The next card was from Mango, who earned money by cleaning other kitty’s litter boxes. That’s my boy, he is such a little worker.
  3. Finally, the third card was from my husband, who borrowed money from Mango to get my present. What a loving family I have.

Thank you God and Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m Francine Ward, Birthday Girl, Business and Intellectual Property Lawyer, and all around pretty decent person.  Do you have a birthday today or this week that you’d like to share? Or would you just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me? If so, join my conversation on any of my Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter pages, or in a LinkedIn Group.

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