Donald Trump.

I’m not sure why folks were so surprised that Donald Trump behaved the way he did and said the things he said during that first debate.  Honestly, if nothing else, he is consistently letting folks know who and what he is.  Maya Angelou once said, “Believe people when they tell you who they are the first time.”  He has told people for years who he is — a brash, arrogant, misogynistic, rich man.  When you have as much money as he does, you just don’t care what people think. He gets to control his outcomes through his purse.  As he even stated, everyone on that stage has received campaign contributions from him. Furthermore, he said he donated money to Hillary and Bill’s campaigns and when he said jump (“Come to my wedding”) they jumped. Anyone who chooses to believe money does not talk is just living in another world.
Having said that, what did surprise me was the reaction to his nasty comments about Rosie O’Donnell and other women.  He was correct when he stated the next day on the news that his comment generated the biggest laugh from everyone. So, did that make his comments appropriate?  As a woman, his comments did not surprise me because I’ve been listening to Trump in NY long before he took center stage in mainstream media. However, the response by women did surprise me, but hurt even more.  There were so many women in the audience who laughed at his denigrating comment.  What that said to me, more than anything else, was how far we have to go as women. Self esteem comes from DOING Esteemable Acts.

Self Esteem.

Self esteem is a concept that we often pooh-pooh, and yet we are a society that lacks genuine and healthy self-esteem.  How skewed our thinking has become when we think a man has self-esteem who, not only calls women nasty names in the media, but openly attacks anyone who disapproves of his behavior; not unlike a child.  This reminds me of a situation I experienced a few years ago.  I was speaking at a conference in Louisiana, where at every turn the moderator cracked jokes about women, particularly blondes.  Most folks laughed, particularly the women who were sitting with men.   I was so sick and tired of his rude and crude behavior. Finally, when I got up to speak, I said something. As can be expected, several people took offense at my remarks.  How interesting that was. They thought I was inappropriate to challenge this inappropriate man openly, yet it was perfectly okay for him to inundate us all weekend with his crude comments about women.
With so many Republican women finding Donald Trump’s behavior acceptable, it will not surprise me if he wins the Republican nomination.  On some level, I hope he wins the nomination and maybe even the election.  He may have several politicians in his pocket now, but if he becomes president, he would have to pay a lot more money to get everyone on his payroll.
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