Daily Meditation. Daily Devotional. Daily Reflections.

We’ve all heard the popular quote “stop and smell the roses.”  Well this also applies to things like your daily meditation, daily devotional readings, daily reflections.  It is one thing to do these things and just go through the motions. But what do you really get from your daily meditation? How much do you really take in and absorb, when reading your daily devotional? When reading your Daily Reflections, how much do you really get out of it?
For years, I faithfully read several daily meditation books.  Reading a daily devotional became a part of my ongoing spiritual practice.  It was as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth and taking a shower.  After my morning readings, I would sit quietly and digest the material, allowing what I read to sink into my consciousness. This was a great way to start my day and proceed with a clear mind on what I wanted out of life. Reading my daily meditation and working out was a great way to start every day.

I Got Careless …

Over the years, I somehow began to get careless. I rushed through my readings and daily mediation without really absorbing them, without fully taking in the meanings and lessons they offered. As a result, I missed the essence of what keeps me grounded.
Do you read, meditate or perhaps do yoga? If you do, are you just going through the motions and thinking about what you have to do next, or are you there in the moment learning and benefiting as much as you can? So many of us have such hectic lives that we don’t even know how to relax anymore. We don’t allow ourselves to chill out for even a short period of time and quiet ourselves – we don’t take time to see the roses, much less smell them!

The Power is Getting Grounded.

There is great power in allowing yourself to get grounded through reading daily inspirational material.  The reading of daily mediation and daily devotional material offers a power that can change your day.  That simple act of daily morning connectedness offers a power that can make sense of what is currently happening in your life.  However, if we simply go through the motions and never really process what we read, how can it really help us?
So please remember that you will get out of your inspirational readings and meditations exactly what you put into them. The more you practice absorbing the material and quieting your mind, the easier it will become, and the greater the benefits will be.
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