Recently, I had lunch with a girlfriend at one of my favorite restaurants in Marin—IL Fornaio.  I sit in the same seat every time I’m there and order the same dish.  Not sure why, but I think it’s because in some situations, I have become a creature of habit.  Not in all areas of my life, but in way too many.
It’s amazing how we get sucked into a rut and then want to decorate it.  We frequent the same places, order the same food, wear the same clothes, sit in the same seat, hang with the same people, think the same old way we’ve always thought.  And God forbid someone should come along and suggests we make a change.
On this particular day, my gal pal, who I have dined with at this restaurant many times, said, “Francine let’s sit somewhere different today. Why not try the porch?”  I was stunned at the prospect of moving to a new location. But I did. And you know what happened, I saw the restaurant from an entirely new perspective.  I saw how lovely the porch was; I noticed the well cared for open kitchen. The entire restaurant looked beautiful. I was amazed at how limited my view was, because I sat in the same booth every single time I came to IL Fornaio.
My experience here was reminiscent of life itself. When we open ourselves up to new and different experiences, we see life in a more expansive way.
What change are you willing to make today?  How different will your life be when you make that change? How different will your business be? Your relationships? Your health?
Just for today, allow yourself to see the world in a different way—simply by changing your seat.
I’m Francine Ward, the Esteemable Acts coach. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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