It’s an Esteemable act to have the courage to breakthrough to the other side.
Yet how do w do so?

  •     Recognize need for change.  If there is no need for change, no breakthrough can occur.
  •     Be willing to breakthrough.  Yes it’s hard, and it’s worth it.
  •     Stay focused on where you want to be, not on the obstacles that stand in your way. Keep the dream alive.
  •     Remain centered.  When we’re off balance, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally it’d hard to breakthrough.
  •     Get support.  While you probably can do it alone, the stronger the support, the more rewarding the breakthrough.

I thought about the times in my life when I broke through a barrier, and undoubtedly I knew I needed to make a change, I finally accepted it and was willing to do the work, I was focused on the goal, I used God to center me, and I had the support of others.  When I got through school, finally passed the Bar, ran both marathons, got published, got sober, lost weight, in every case this formula worked.  I suspect in your own case, you can trace a success you’ve had to one or all of those components.
During the next few days I encourage you to do the following:

  • 1: Identify a problem that until now you’ve not been able to penetrate. What has stood in your way?  Write about it today.
  • 2: Today is your day to focus ob where you want to be.  What would a breakthrough in this area look like? How will you know when you get there?  How will you feel?  Can you taste the feeling?  What will happen for you when you breakthrough.
  • 3: Today practice getting centered.  How does that look to you?  What does centered mean to you? What tools can you use to help you get centered?  How will you use those tools. Write out your answers.
  • 4: What kind of support can you garner to help you in your breakthrough? Who specifically can you ask for help? What kind of help do you need from each person?  Before you ask for help, be clear as to what you need from each person.  Always be mindful when asking for help that other people are busy, so you need to go with a specific request and make sure you appreciate them for their time and assistance—regardless of how seemingly small. No one has to do anything for us, and it’s a gift when they do.
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