The headline reads, “Wife bans husband from bar!”
As I started to read this article, I could not believe my eyes.  The story was about a wife trying to prevent her husband from patronizing a bar. I thought, is it possible to stop him? Can she do it? Why would she want to? Will he abide by her ruling?
Topless Barmaids and Men in Need of Excitement.

Nude waitresses selling Booze

Practically Nude Bar Owner Attracts Business — Duh!

Then as I continued to read, my attention went to the essence of the article—almost naked hostess serving drinks to men in desperate need of libation and excitement.  The wife banned her husband from an establishment, where the owner/bartender was a scantily dressed, 34-year old, attractive, and very busty female. I thought, how could a wife ban her husband from doing anything, let alone going to a bar and/or looking at women.
Plus, scantily clad cocktail waitresses is not a new concept. From the days of the Roman empire to the Playboy Club to the old Gaslight Clubs to Hooters, naked women serving men is (and always will be) a BIG hit.  And don’t forget how sex sells in every other venue as well, from TV Ads for cars & mechanics tools  to Victoria Secret to what is served up on every prime-time television show and to ALL of Beyonce’s music videos, naked women serving customers attracts attention, and is here to stay. Like it or not!
Is it a problem, is it illegal, is it unethical, or is it smart entrepreneurial thinking?
Is that legal, I asked myself, that a wife can stop her husband from going to a nude bar? Is it legal that the proprietor can dress anyway she wants in an effort to attract clients? Is this immoral? Is it our business what she does? Should it be?
Then I put on my entrepreneur hat for a moment and thought to myself, what a brilliant idea this young woman had.  In a bad economy—for her to take such a bold and adventurous step in an effort to attract clients to her bar—some would see it as a smart business judgment decision.
What do you think?
What do you think, are there legal issues on either side? Are there ethical or moral issues? Do they matter in the legal realm? What are the business issues that come to mind?
Feel free to join the conversation and discuss any, or all of these questions.
Until next time, I’m attorney Francine Ward addressing the tough questions and stirring up the pot.
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