On Sunday, April 26, 2020, we celebrated World Intellectual Property Day. This day is commemorated as a reminder of how important innovation and creativity are to our societies around the globe. It’s also a reminder that the idea of protecting intellectual property dates back to the Constitution, which shows how important it is to stay committed to giving honor where it’s due. The incentive of protective rights as it relates to ideas and inventions fuel the fire needed for great minds to continue thinking outside the box.

The World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, took the opportunity this year to focus on sustainability. They encouraged businesses all over the world to use innovative techniques to do things differently than the way they have been done before. From farming to fashion, it’s incredibly important to find news processes that will make the world a better place.

The USPTO also recognized World Intellectual Property Day and published incredible examples of how patented processes have promoted this year’s theme, “Innovating for a Green Future”. They’ve also worked alongside other Intellectual Property organizations to host the 2020 competition, Patents for Humanity. This award will be given to a person or group who comes up with an affordable and sustainable solution that will help people in need.

Due to the CoVID-19 crisis, WIPO did not host any public events this year. However, that does not negate the charge to inventors everywhere. Creators should utilize this time of uncertainty to develop inventions and devise patents – for the good of those around them.

For instance, if you are stuck at home, I urge you to learn a new language, a new hobby, or create something of your very own. I challenge you to come out of this time better than before, especially if you have extra time on your hands. Think about it like this – if a business has already turned their in-office workforce into a teleworking conglomerate, that business has already come up with a new, scalable way of moving towards the future. It may just be that in this survival mode, small businesses and self-employed individuals can rise up to see a solution that wasn’t ever needed before – but now is!

There are many constraints to this season, but I do think we can make the most of it. I’m Francine D. Ward, Intellectual Property Attorney. Your work. Your Property. Your Dream. Protected.

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