Giving. Ebb and Flow of Creation.

Did you know that one of the oldest, time-tested methods to bring things into your life (receiving), is by giving. Yes, it’s true. Our universe seems to have that principle built into it. It’s the ebb and flow of creation itself, the opposite of stagnation.
You may ask, “what could I possibly offer other people when I am struggling myself?” In a nutshell, the answer is your time, attention, and your wisdom through experience.

Everyone has something to give. I struggled greatly years ago and only turned the corner to a happy and successful life when I decided to be of service to others. In fact, just the past two years when I could have found myself in trouble, what got me through the dark time was service–giving to another person less fortunate than me. And believe me, there is always some less fortunate than me.  Some of the ways I have gotten through tough times are: starting support meetings, calling people, offering money, food, and clothes, and sometimes just listening.

Giving. Volunteer.

For instance, you can volunteer at a homeless shelter or a shelter for battered women. You can give your time and much needed attention to lonely seniors living in nursing homes. No matter where you turn, there are people who need you, believe it, or not.
At first, it may be hard to give of yourself, as it was for me when I decided to do so. But as with everything else in life, sticking to it will eventually bring you great results. And let’s not forget that giving of yourself doesn’t always mean giving to strangers and organizations. No, this action begins at home and within your circle of friends. Why not be that person who will listen to a friend or family member in need without casting judgment, but simply by being there when no one else will?
There are also practical reasons why giving of yourself can be beneficial for getting out of a rut. You can meet new friends with similar interests – networking! You can even learn new skills and even accreditation that can help you land a new job more in sync with your values. And yes, volunteering always looks good on a resume.
So if you need a little pick-me-up, a way to re-energize and kick-start your progress on your personal journey, why not begin with offering your service to others?

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Francine D. Ward
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